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Welcome to Pink Poly Mailing Bags
pink mailers

Our pink poly mailing bags are made from a pink/black 60 micron co-extruded low-density polythene, making them 100% opaque. Our pink mailing bags have a permanent self-seal closure and are high in strength, whilst still offering a low postal weight. They are also weather-proof, burst and puncture resistant. Our pink postal bags are also 100% recyclable and are manufactured in the UK.

We have 5 sizes are available from stock, and we can also offer custom sizes designed to your requirements, (although minimum quantities will apply).

pink self seal bags - pink mailers - pink postal bags

Pink Poly Mailing Bags
are available in 5 sizes, listed below.

Product Code: PINKC5 Pack of 1000
Size: 175mm x 240mm + 50mm Flap
(Dimensions: width/opening x depth + flap)

Product Code: PINK01 Pack of 500
Size: 230mm x 355mm + 50mm Flap
(Dimensions: width/opening x depth + flap)

Product Code: PINK02 Pack of 500
Size: 305mm x 405mm + 50mm Flap
(Dimensions: width/opening x depth + flap)

Product Code: PINK03 Pack of 400
Size: 330mm x 485mm + 50mm Flap
(Dimensions: width/opening x depth + flap)

Product Code: PINK04 Pack of 200
Size: 430mm x 560mm + 50mm Flap
(Dimensions: width/opening x depth + flap)


Money Saving Guide

Always buy your pink mailers direct from the manufacturer, such as Bayard Packaging Ltd, and not only will you save money by missing out the middleman/merchant, you will receive a product of exceptional quality, from a reputable company which has been manufacturing polythene mailing bags for over 25 years.

If you are unsure which size pink mailing bag you require, try a free sample first! contact Bayard Packaging now for your no obligation free sample, and you can be confident that you are buying the correct size mailer for the product that you are sending out.

Buy the quantity you need, Bayard Packaging Ltd offers all it's pink stock mailing bags and envelopes in small quantities, which is more convenient for companies who do not have a large requirement, and do not wish to buy in bulk.

For the customer who requires larger quantities of pink postal bags, Bayard Packaging offers a sliding scale of pricing, which enables you to receive a reduction in price reflective of the the quantity you buy.

Why not have custom polythene mailers made, as this will enhance and advertise your company's identity. Bayard Packaging Ltd is able to both print and manufacture custom sized polythene mailing bags, and as a result of this is able to pass on great value for money to the customer.







  Polythene Recycling  

All our pink mailing bags are 100% recyclable, to find out more about polythene recycling click here

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